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High Gloss Painting Services in Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach, Florida, has some of the most beautiful beach homes in the world. If you want to enhance the look of your residence, high gloss lacquer paint can provide the stunning appearance you’re looking for. At Palm Beach High Gloss by Shoreline High Gloss, we have the exceptional products, knowledge and experience to give you the best results on your painting project.

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Fine Paints of Europe Fine Finishers in Palm Beach, Florida

Shoreline High Gloss is one of just a handful of Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painters. This prestigious distinction means that we use only the best paints in the world — and our painters are specifically trained and certified in their application techniques.

Fine Paints of Europe is a Vermont-based company that imports paint from the Netherlands. The Netherlands has been a global leader in paint manufacturing for decades, producing superior paints made with higher-quality ingredients and pigments than many other popular paint brands.

Without the fillers or high amounts of water that you’ll find in most paints, Dutch paints offer richer, warmer color quality with longer-lasting results. They are also odorless and contain low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means that they’re safer and more environmentally friendly.

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Ceilings and Walls Painting Services in Palm Beach, Florida

For a bold, glossy look, lacquered walls and ceilings are perfect for your Palm Beach home. Lacquer has reflective properties that add depth to walls for a spacious feel. If you have low ceilings, lacquer creates the illusion that the ceilings are higher than they actually are. When we apply lacquer to your ceilings, we use a thick coat for a sleek, dramatic effect with extra durability.

Lacquer and high gloss are also ideal for drawing attention to the interior accent features of your home, such as your fireplace mantle, wood trim, cabinetry and other small elements. The smooth, shiny look of the paint makes the features stand out in a way that flat paints can’t achieve.

High gloss paint also has many durable characteristics that make it an excellent choice for use throughout your home. It resists wear and tear, which is essential in areas with high traffic like kitchens, entryways and hallways. This type of paint is highly resistant to moisture, too, making it well-suited to bathrooms.

High gloss paint also resists dust, dirt and other contaminants, and it’s easy to clean.

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For more than 35 years, Shoreline High Gloss has been a trusted source for high gloss painting services. As the best specialty painting contractor in Palm Beach, FL, we provide precise work using only the best products available, and all of our painting professionals are licensed, insured and bonded.

Request a professional consultation today to get started. We can create a timeless, elegant design to give your Palm Beach home the fresh, updated look you want with Fine Paints of Europe paints. Our team provides attentive service as well. We make sure to meet all of your requirements, answer any questions you have and exceed your expectations.

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