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High Gloss Painting Services in Lower Manhattan

Your stunning Lower Manhattan home needs the right paint treatment to showcase its beauty. High gloss paint is the perfect choice to give your space the elegant, modern appearance you’re looking for.

At Manhattan High Gloss Painting Services of Shoreline High Gloss, we are the specialty painting contractors of Lower Manhattan providing high-quality products and expert services to achieve superior, long-lasting results.

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Fine Paints of Europe Fine Finishers Located in Lower Manhattan, New York

Shoreline High Gloss is one of eight elite companies that has received the distinction of Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painter. This certification means that we use the best paints in the world, and we have the unique knowledge and skills necessary to apply them successfully.

Fine Paints of Europe is an American importer of paints produced in the Netherlands, which are known for their premium quality. While many paint brands use fillers and other low-quality ingredients, Dutch paints are made from top-quality resin and finely ground pigment to produce richer, more vibrant colors.

Paints from the Netherlands are also better for your health and the environment thanks to their odor-free, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) composition.

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High Gloss Painted Ceilings and Walls for Your Lower Manhattan Home

High gloss paint gives your Lower Manhattan, NYC home a sleek look with a touch of drama. Because high gloss has a strong reflective quality, it brightens rooms and gives them depth, making them look larger than they are. It also gives low ceilings the illusion of height for a grand, spacious feel.

If there are accent features like trim and fireplace mantles that you want to draw attention to, high gloss helps these elements stand out. The combination of shine and vivid color make small features around your walls and ceilings pop so that you can highlight the unique facets of your home.

Because high gloss paint is highly durable, it can be used in any room in the house. It’s ideal for entryways, hallways, stairs, kitchens and other areas that experience high traffic, thanks to its resistance to wear and tear. High gloss paint is also resistant to moisture, so it is often used in spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms where there are higher concentrations of humidity.

Low maintenance is another reason people choose high gloss paint for their Lower Manhattan NYC homes. The paint resists dust and dirt, so contaminants do not build up on your surfaces, and you can easily wipe off most dirt accumulation.

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Shoreline High Gloss of Manhattan is one of the few Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painters, so you can trust that our high gloss paints and application techniques will provide the quality and longevity you need. As a top specialty painting contractor in Lower Manhattan, our expert painters are licensed, insured and bonded, and they receive regular training to stay on top of all the latest industry advancements. We also assign a site manager and a general manager to your project to ensure meticulous attention to detail.

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