What Is the Fine Paints of Europe Master Certification?

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If you’re looking for a beautiful, professional paint job, you can easily identify the best painting companies by choosing those with a house painter certification. A Fine Paints of Europe Master Certification identifies the best professionals in the industry, including Shoreline High Gloss.

To obtain this certification, we committed to the Certified Painting Contractor Program, learned the best application techniques and gained valuable experience working with some of the best paints in the world. Learn more about Fine Paints of Europe and how to become a certified painter from this guide.

History of Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of Europe began in 1987 as a specialized company with sights set on historic restorations. They wanted to provide clients with the finest interior paints and committed to using traditional oil formulas. They imported their paints from the Netherlands, which offered the lasting durability and quality that historic buildings need. More than two decades later, the company expanded the business to provide painting solutions for commercial and residential use.

Throughout their time in the industry, Fine Paints of Europe provided paint for George Washington’s estate, Chinatown in Philadelphia, the Louisiana Evergreen Plantation and many other sites. As their clientele grew, the company decided to do more, so they tested Dutch formulations that provided an odorless and faster-drying experience.

Today, Fine Paints of Europe continues offering superior painting solutions for both interiors and exteriors. They remain dedicated to ensuring their clients and the rest of the world can find the highest quality paint finishes and contractors available.

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What Are Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painters?

The Master Painters designation is for tradesmen and women who have demonstrated a level of craftsmanship and professionalism that clearly separates them from all others. They work tirelessly to elevate their brand as professionals as well as spread the word of Fine Paints of Europe to their existing clients. Most importantly, they have expert knowledge in all Fine Paints of Europe products and demonstrate a strong history of paint purchases to show their support of our brand. Shoreline Painting: High Gloss has several painters who have received this prestigious certification and recognition.

Along with using the best quality paints, certified painters like Shoreline High Gloss use specialized techniques to deliver long-lasting and breath-taking results. They commit to a program to learn the best practices, sure to impress each client and help extend the lifetime of each home. With a certified painter, you can find colors with exceptional depth, no fillers, traditional varnishes and enamels, a long-lasting surface and dramatic coverage with less paint.

These paints are often considered the best in the world, and you can rely on contractors with this certification to deliver exceptional results. Shoreline High Gloss is one of only eight painters in the world with this certification, so you can trust us to bring your vision to life and transform your home every time.

Why Use Dutch Paints?

Dutch paints offer many benefits for homes and commercial spaces. It’s clear to see why these paints are often thought to be the best. When you request Dutch paint, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Performance standards: European paints comply with self-imposed, strict industry standards that assure longevity and beauty. Domestic paint manufacturers typically create modest quality paints because they anticipate more frequent moves from American families. This leads them to use fillers, extenders and nearly any other material they want. As a result, the American market has become saturated with impermanent, mediocre and low-quality paints. You can eliminate these concerns and give your home the look it deserves by using Dutch paints.
  • Quality expectations: Much of the painting costs for homeowners come from professional labor. Because applying a long-lasting paint job requires little more effort than a poor-quality one, many homeowners seek the best paints on the market. Dutch paints meet these high expectations and more. High-quality paint reflects your tastes, lifestyle and preferences, so choosing the best available paints will make a lasting impression.
  • Length of residence: It’s common to find Europeans living in the same home for a decade or longer. In the United States, residents frequently move, often spending less than five years at their current residence. The difference in residency length explains why Europeans call for more lasting paint solutions. While American paints rarely last half a decade, Dutch colors offer a long-lasting and beautiful solution that homeowners feel proud to have in their houses.
  • Marketing factors: Many American paints are available at discount and big-box stores. They typically have low prices and low-quality formulations — even brands that market their products as premium. Although many businesses have warranties and refunds for poor paint jobs, homeowners get little in return since most of the cost of painting is the labor. When companies use Dutch colors, they can proudly and honestly display the integrity of their paints, and customers can rest assured of their long-lasting abilities and beautiful finishes.

How Do You Become a Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painter?

With so many benefits of this paint, it’s easy to see why becoming a certified painter would hold value and merit. Because these paints require care and specialized techniques, businesses must dedicate time to learning the process and understanding the color.

Each Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painter completes the Certified Painting Contractor Program to prove their knowledge, experience and skill with these paints. A business must work with Fine Paints of Europe paint for at least five years and receive a nomination from a Fine Paints retailer to obtain this certification. The retailer must affirm that the business maintains good character.

Then, the contractor must attend a training in Woodstock, Vermont, where they gain insight into each Fine Paints of Europe paint family and learn how to use the best application techniques. After completing these steps, these certified painters must charge a fair price for their top-quality work, committing to the promise of delivering the best value for each client.


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Shoreline High Gloss is a Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painter, which only eight companies worldwide can say. We specialize in creating beautiful interiors of elegant homes and delivering long-lasting painting solutions to each client.

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