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High Gloss Painting Services in Midtown Manhattan

If you’re looking to add an air of luxury to your midtown Manhattan home, high gloss paint is the perfect solution. With highly reflective finishes, high gloss painted ceilings and walls make colors look brighter for a captivating appearance in any living space.

We offer exceptional specialty painting services for homes in Midtown Manhattan. With more than 35 years of painting experience, you can trust us to provide quality, long-lasting results.

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Fine Paints of Europe Fine Finishers in Midtown Manhattan

As a Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painter, Shoreline High Gloss uses world-renowned paints from the Netherlands. The Dutch region has a rich history of paint manufacturing and has been a global paint leader for more than two decades.

We get our paints from Fine Paints of Europe, the top American importer of Dutch paint. Fine Paints of Europe also provides a prestigious certification to fine finishers, and Shoreline High Gloss is one of only eight of their Master Certified Painters.

Dutch paint stands out for its superior quality. Unlike many other popular paints on the market, Dutch paint is made from high-quality resin and pigment without the use of fillers. As a result, the colors are more vibrant, and the paint is longer-lasting. These paints are also safer for you and the environment because they are odorless and contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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High Gloss

Painted Ceilings and Walls in Midtown Manhattan

At Shoreline High Gloss of Manhattan, we use glossy paint on walls, ceilings, and more to elevate the look of your home in Midtown Manhattan. High gloss paint has reflective properties that make colors look bolder and brighter. If you live in a loft or other space with low ceilings, shiny lacquer finishes create the illusion of height to open up the room.

High gloss is also a great choice for making a statement with the accent features in your home. If you want to highlight your unique cabinetry or gorgeous wood trim, glossy paint accentuates these features with its shiny, vivid look.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, high gloss paint offers many practical advantages. It’s extremely durable with excellent resistance to wear and tear in areas with high traffic, like entryways, hallways and kitchens. High gloss paint is also moisture-resistant, which makes it a great choice for bathrooms and other high-humidity areas in your home.

As a low-maintenance option, high gloss paint can be easily cleaned. While flat and matte finishes may fade with scrubbing,  a high gloss finish will retain its shine.

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Fine Paints of Europe Contractors in Midtown Manhattan

Shoreline High Gloss is the top Fine Paints of Europe fine finisher in Manhattan. We service all of Midtown Manhattan, including:

  • Times Square.
  • Sutton Place.
  • Rockefeller Center.
  • Columbus Circle.
  • Diamond District.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can enjoy the benefits of Fine Paints of Europe. As one of their Master Certified Painters, we provide unique expertise that is hard to find.

We also offer free consultations, and we provide attentive service to ensure all of your needs are met.

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