Can High Gloss Paint Lose Its Sheen?

The short answer is yes. While high gloss paint has the highest level of sheen, it can lose its luster. Fortunately, due to the paint’s exceptional durability, sheen loss takes improper care or a considerable amount of time to happen. Whether it’s sun damage or normal wear and tear, you can take steps to minimize the effects and ensure your high gloss paint retains the best sheen for years.

Discover the different factors that can impact the longevity of high gloss sheens and various ways you can prevent the effects.

How Can High Gloss Paint Lose Its Sheen?

High gloss paint offers excellent light reflectiveness, giving your walls a shiny finish, but various factors can cause the paint to lose its sheen. Here are a few circumstances that can take away the paint’s glossy finish:

Too Much Sunlight

Sunlight can do wonders for the interior of your home, from creating natural lighting that enhances your paint color to balancing warm and cool tones perfectly. However, long-term exposure to direct sunlight can eventually dull and discolor high gloss paint. The powerful ultraviolet rays from the sun are known to have damaging effects on various types of surfaces, and the sheen of paint is no exception.

Window treatments such as curtains and shades can help reduce the amount of sunlight exposure your interior walls are subjected to. Sunlight varies throughout the day, so keeping the window treatments closed during its peak is best. If you like letting the light in, consider sheer curtains that diffuse UV rays or UV-blocking window films.

At Shoreline High Gloss, we offer high gloss paint that features a UV protectant, which can help the sheen last longer and prevent fading over time.

Using Abrasive Cleaners

Oil-based and abrasive cleaners can weaken the sheen of the paint and remove it from the surface. The strong chemicals found in these cleaners wear down and damage glossy finishes. When cleaning, avoid using a heavy hand and abrasive sponges, as that can scar and scuff the finish.

High gloss paint is often used in heavy-traffic spaces because it has good stain resistance. The glossiness creates a smooth, non-porous finish that does not absorb stains easily. Since stains such as fingerprints, oil or grease fail to stick to the surface, high gloss is usually easy to clean.

Here are our cleaning recommendations for glossy paint:

  • Use non-abrasive soft materials like lint-free cloth to prevent scuffing and leaving fibers behind.
  • Use a mild detergent solution of warm water and a few drops of dish soap for an effective clean without impacting the finish.
  • Wash the surface with gentle pressure to avoid weakening the gloss coating.
  • Regularly dust and wipe down the walls to avoid necessary cleaning that requires extra effort in the long run.

Wear and Tear

As paint with the highest sheen, high gloss offers better durability and longevity. However, glossy paint is still subject to wear and tear, even with its high durability levels. Over time, the sheen of paint can be scratched and damaged from everyday use or activities. This wear is especially common in high-traffic areas or furniture painted with high gloss paint that experiences regular use.

Imperfections sustained over time, such as minor scuffs, sun damage or peeling paint, can diminish the high gloss finish and the sleek polished look it offers. The reflectiveness of the paint can also bring attention to the imperfections when light shines on the surface. A new layer of fresh paint can help revitalize the look of your walls or furniture and take care of those minor flaws.

When you work with Shoreline High Gloss, you can benefit from a professional repaint or refinish that will leave your surfaces looking new again. As expert high gloss painters, we use superior methods to ensure the paint is applied correctly to last. Of course, the time it takes for paint to lose its sheen due to wear and tear will vary depending on the area’s exposure to the sun, level of traffic, maintenance and the factors above.

Trust Shoreline High Gloss for Expert Painting Services

High gloss paint offers a stunning mirror-like finish that can enhance the look of any room. Whether you want to try a new finish or want to retouch your worn-out glossy paint, you can rely on our expert painting services. As one of eight painters in the world to be named a Master Certified Fine Paints of Europe company, we only use high-quality gloss paint to help you achieve your desired look.

At Shoreline High Gloss, we offer high-end craftsmanship and expertise when working on high gloss painting projects. Our expert painters employ the best techniques to produce a long-lasting sheen that enhances your space. If you want to learn more or request our painting services, contact us online today.

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