Pairing Furniture With High Gloss Paint

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Finding the perfect color to match your home’s furniture can be challenging. Many different factors are in play, and you have many different colors to choose from. It can be helpful to take a deeper look into how to match wall color with furniture so you can have more confidence in your final decision.

Tips for Choosing a High Gloss Paint Color to Match Your Furniture

High gloss paint can be an excellent choice for the interior of your home, offering an elegant appearance, durability and longevity. You want to make sure you choose the right color so you’re satisfied with how it looks. Here are some aspects to consider as you make your decision.

Think About Lighting

Lighting is essential when it comes to paints — some may look entirely different as the light changes. Examine the room you’re painting at various times of day and determine what kind of light it gets. Are there many windows with natural light flooding in? Or is it closed-in and darker? Understanding how lighting affects your room helps you know how it will affect your paint.

Consider Various Options

You don’t have to limit yourself to one particular color. Though you may have a specific shade in mind, check out various different colors and see what might work in your room. You may not know you want a certain color until you find it.

Use Contrast and Complements

If you have bright-colored furniture, you may want to choose a neutral color for your wall paint to provide some contrast. Keep in mind the color of your furniture and how the color you choose for your paint will react with other colors.

Look at Overall Home Style

You’ll also want to factor in the overall style of your home. If you have a more modern look, try to fit your high gloss paint to match this. Tying your paint colors into the rest of your home will help cement this style and create continuity.

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Color Recommendations for Common Furniture Styles

Understanding the various aspects to consider while choosing a high-gloss paint can be helpful. Still, many types of furniture exist in just as many shades. Here are some common furniture styles and color recommendations to go with them.

Paint Colors That Go With Dark Wood Furniture

If you have rich, dark furniture, you’ll want to find something that complements those dark shades nicely. It will depend on what you’re going for in the room — you may want to stay with that dark theme or go with something lighter to provide some contrast:

  • Charcoal: Using a dark color like charcoal will add to that dark, brooding theme. In some ways, this dark color helps create a feeling of safety and security. Charcoal can provide just the cozy, secure style you want.
  • Mocha: For something lighter, you could choose a warm mocha color, which provides a nice contrast while keeping to the style.
  • Green: Dark wood furniture can help ground a room — adding green high-gloss paint can enhance this feeling. It’s a very earthy, stabilizing color that can help you relax.

Choosing wall colors for dark furniture can be tricky. If you need assistance, consult our expert team at Shoreline High Gloss to help you choose the right color.

Wall Colors for Black or Brown Fabric Furniture

Black or brown furniture offers more interesting choices for your high-gloss paint. Typically, you’ll want to go with something lighter:

  • White: Using white is a great way to offset some of the dark tones in the room. A warm white, cream or beige can pair beautifully with black or brown furniture.
  • Powder blue: If your room gets lots of natural light and you want to add an outdoor feel to your home, you may want to consider using powder blue for your walls. This will create contrast with the furniture and offer an interesting balance that can mimic the outdoors.
  • Olive: A soft green color like olive may help tie the entire room together and provide a dark, welcoming feel.

Wall Colors for Light Furniture

Just as dark furniture may require lighter colors for contrast, light furniture pairs effectively with darker colors:

  • Dark gray: Gray is a versatile color that can go with many other shades — it coordinates well with lighter furniture, offering a darker, neutral feel that can ground a room.
  • Sage: While lighter furniture can add some airiness to a room, you may want to darken it up a little bit without making it feel too confining. Sage is a great color to do this, as it helps offer an earthy, relaxing feel while also adding depth.
  • Black: Choosing a dark color such as black can be a striking high-contrast choice for white or beige furniture. Just make sure you’re choosing the right shade to go with your specific furniture.

The exact choice will depend on what furniture you have, the type of lighting in the room and other attributes specific to your home. Shoreline High Gloss can help you find the perfect shade for your furniture.

Wall Colors for Gray Furniture

One of the most popular colors being used today is gray. Gray is a versatile neutral color that fits perfectly with minimalistic, modern designs. It comes in endless shades and can be paired with almost any other color:

  • Light gray: Depending on the shade of gray you have on your furniture, you may want to pair gray with gray. Light shades work well with dark furniture, while darker shades are better suited for light furniture.
  • Beige: Another option for gray furniture is beige — this light neutral color goes especially well with a darker gray.
  • Black: For a sleek, modern design, choose black walls to create a sharp, engaging appearance and add a lot of character to your home.

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