How to Prepare a Wall for High Gloss Paint

High gloss paint can elevate any room, allowing you to highlight specific features and create a luxurious space. You must complete extensive surface preparation for high gloss paint to look its best on walls or ceilings. At Shoreline High Gloss, we have the skills and experience to navigate the complex preparation and application processes to ensure quality results.

The Truth About High Gloss Paint and Wall Imperfections

To enhance a wall or ceiling with high gloss paint, you must ensure the surface is perfect. Any imperfections, from dents and bumps to dirt and stains, will show through the glossy finish.

High gloss paint tends to accentuate flaws on a wall or ceiling due to its high sheen and reflectivity. It brings more light to a surface, quickly revealing colors, textures and any surface imperfections. Even the smallest cracks or spots of discoloration will affect the result and show through the high gloss finish. The surface must be entirely smooth and flawless to ensure the paint looks as stunning as you expect.

To minimize any blemishes showing through the high gloss paint, you need to prepare the surface thoroughly and apply the paint with exceptional attention to detail and skill. Proper preparation and application can be challenging, though, which is why it is best to call the professionals at Shoreline High Gloss. We possess the right experience and equipment to prepare surfaces and produce quality results.

Steps for Preparing a Wall for High Gloss Paint

A properly prepared surface is vital to long-lasting, high-quality high gloss paintwork. Following a clear, detailed and effective preparation process facilitates positive results and ensures your satisfaction. Shoreline High Gloss has developed a successful preparation and application process that addresses every detail for quality results.

Clean Walls and Ceilings

The first step to preparing a wall or ceiling for high gloss paint is to clean it thoroughly. Dirt and dust must be removed to ensure the high gloss paint has the best chance for long-lasting results. Surfaces that have been exposed to oils, grease or grime, such as kitchen walls or hallways with high traffic levels, will also need special attention to ensure they are properly cleaned and ready for effective paint application.

When you work with our professional team, you can trust us to clean your surfaces thoroughly so they are prepared for high-gloss paintwork. We will apply a cleaning solution to remove soot, smoke damage and other debris, as well as general dirt and dust buildup.

Identify and Fill Holes

Cracks, dents and holes in your wall or ceiling will be visible through high gloss paint. Using a filler, such as caulk, to eliminate these imperfections before the painting process begins is critical to ensuring surfaces look smooth. You may also need to caulk baseboards to fill in any holes that may affect the high gloss paint’s appearance.

Shoreline High Gloss prioritizes precision in our high gloss paint surface preparation process. Our experts meticulously assess every part of a wall or ceiling to identify and resolve problem areas. We even use spotlights to find any possible imperfection to ensure surfaces are smooth and ready for paint application.

Sand Surfaces

Bumps and any other type of surface irregularity will be prominent under high gloss paint. Sanding surfaces before and during the painting process ensures your walls and ceilings look their best.

Our professionals take great care to ensure your surfaces are smooth and blemish-free. We continually evaluate walls and ceilings as we apply primer and paint to ensure surfaces are smooth and flawless.

Apply Primer to the Surface

The last step to preparing your surfaces is one of the most critical — applying primer. Primer will affect the final look of high gloss paint and determine how long the paintwork will last. Applying a primer is essential to:

  • Creating an even base for a smooth finish
  • Neutralizing dark marks, stains and color irregularities
  • Preventing rust formation on metal surfaces
  • Forming a moisture barrier
  • Minimizing seeping or bleeding between paint layers
  • Smoothing out imperfections
  • Limiting mold and fungus growth

We understand how important primer is to the longevity and beautiful appearance of high gloss paint. Our professional team always primes a surface before applying high gloss paint, regardless of the surface’s condition. We will also sand down walls and ceilings after the primer has dried to ensure the surface is level and ready for the paint to adhere effectively.

Prepare for a Stunning High Gloss Finish With Shoreline High Gloss

Shoreline High Gloss is a Master Certified Fine Paints of Europe company that specializes in high gloss paintwork. We take care of every preparation and application detail so you can enjoy a seamless and comprehensive fine-finishing process that delivers the breathtaking results you expect.

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Prepare for a stunning high gloss finish