How Often Should You Repaint High Gloss?

Residential home with repainted high gloss walls

You only need a new coat of paint when you want to bring a fresh, new feeling into your home. Whether you want to touch up some scuffs or dings or bring new light into a stale space, a new layer can revitalize your walls and make you feel more comfortable.

Some rooms can benefit from more frequent repainting than others. You can watch for signs your rooms need repainting, or you may want to change your look so your home always looks great. Learn when to repaint your house interior with high gloss paint services from Shoreline Painting.

How Long Does Paint Last on Walls?

How often you should repaint your walls depends on several factors. High-traffic areas will have more wear and tear from moving people, pets and furniture. Additionally, rooms that experience more sunlight or moisture will be more prone to fading and watermarks. Discover how long to wait before repainting your home interior in each room.

Living Room

Your living room is likely one of the rooms you and your family and friends use the most. It’s vital to use high-quality paint in this room as it will experience more natural wear and tear from moving people, animals and objects. Higher quality paint will better hold up against cleaning products and be more durable over the long term, so you can enjoy a bright and beautiful look longer before needing a new coat.

Typically, you’ll want to have your living room professionally painted with a fresh coat of quality paint every five to seven years. Using a lower-quality brand could mean needing to refresh your walls sooner. You should always love your living room, as you’ll likely see it every day. Consider getting creative with colors that help you relax and unwind after the workday.

Dining Room

Many families use their formal dining room whenever they sit down for a meal. Other families only use this room when hosting a large gathering, like holiday dinners or birthday parties. Whether your household uses your dining room daily or when inviting your friends and family to gather in your home, you want to ensure you get a professional paint job with high-quality paint to stand the test of time and impress your guests.

If you use your dining room every day, you should expect to have it painted every five to seven years with high-quality paint. Consider hiring Shoreline Painters to paint this room at the same time as your living room to keep these two spaces on the same schedule. Don’t be afraid to go bold with an accent wall or unique colors to keep it exciting and welcoming.


Hallways experience large amounts of traffic daily. Their small size, paired with their common use, makes them quite susceptible to dings, smears, dirt marks, scuffs and other signs of wear. To keep your hallways pristine and beautiful, you should have them professionally painted every two to three years.


To determine when you need to repaint your bedroom, you should first consider how much time you spend in it. Adults typically spend less time in their bedrooms than children, and guest rooms often don’t see much use throughout the day. Your bedroom and guest rooms will likely need fewer touchups compared to your child’s room, where they are very active every day.

Plan to invest in a professional paint job for your bedroom and any guest bedrooms every five to six years to keep your color fresh. You can expect to have your child’s room repainted every two to three years. As they get older, they may become less active in their rooms but will likely change their style as they refine their taste. A new paint job is an excellent way to reflect their style and make the space unique, so take advantage of repainting periods with new colors.


Kitchens face many elements, such as heat, cooking messes, small spills, sticky surfaces and moisture. Your kitchen can also capture past aromas and hold on to them as time passes. Have your kitchen repainted every three to four years to keep a fresh look and clean smell. Kitchens are ideal spaces for experimenting with bold colors, but use high-quality paint to withstand wear and tear better.


Bathrooms see a lot of moisture, so durable paint is a must-have in this space. Your bathroom will likely require regular repainting, and you can expect to invest in a professional paint job every three to four years. When it’s time to repaint this area, consider changing the color and swapping your shower curtain and rugs to enhance the new feel and color.


Ceilings typically feature white, cream or beige colors, and many homeowners forget to maintain this space. Dust, dirt, moisture and sun exposure can harm your ceilings, dulling or yellowing the light paint color.

Painted ceilings can transform your home, and Shoreline High Gloss can create a gleaming, luxurious look in this often-forgotten location with high gloss paint. You can go about 10 years between having your ceilings painted, but it’s a good idea to have them touched up when your walls are repainted.

Man pouring high gloss paint into a tray

How to Know When to Repaint High Gloss

Fading Paint

High gloss paint will fade over time as pigments break down. One common environmental cause of fading is sunlight exposure — the sun’s ultraviolet rays damage the paint’s pigments. Rooms that see a lot of sun exposure are more likely to need touchups more frequently.

Light’s effect on paint varies with color as well. Darker colors that absorb more light will fade faster than lighter shades. Fortunately, high gloss paint is less likely to fade than other types due to its naturally reflective sheen.

Fading can also occur as a result of exposure to certain chemicals. Cleaning products with harsh chemicals or those meant for non-painted surfaces can degrade the paint’s glossy finish, making the color pigments break down faster.

Wear and Tear

Your high gloss paint is more likely to fade in high-traffic areas of your home. For example, paint will fade on parts of the wall that you touch the most. Friction between your hand and the wall as well as the oils on your skin will wear away at the paint’s finish. You’ll likely notice paint fading around light switches, power outlets, doors and handrails.

Paint can also chip and crack. Excessive cold and heat cause contraction and expansion, resulting in cracks in the paint. Also, look for chipped paint in high-traffic areas, such as near corners or around doorways where you may bump into the wall when moving furniture or carrying your laundry basket. You may also see chipping behind furniture, especially around kitchen chairs that you move frequently.

Damaged or Cracking Walls

Damage to the wall itself could warrant a fresh paint job. Some daily wear and tear can penetrate deeper than the paint, causing damage to the wall itself. You may notice various scuffs, scrapes and marks on the wall that are deeper than the paint. The professionals at Shoreline High Gloss can help cover blemishes with a small touch-up. A new coat can cover widespread marks.

If you have a large hole or crack in the wall, you will need Shoreline High Gloss to add a fresh layer of high gloss paint across the entire wall after the damage is repaired. Applying a new coat will ensure the color is consistent, whereas a large-scale touch-up could leave a noticeable difference between the old and new paint. A complete re-coating may also be necessary if you run out of the wall’s original shade, especially if the brand discontinued the paint color.

Cracked painted wall in a residential home

Preference Changes

It’s your home, so you should always feel comfortable with your color choices and style. Whether your home has the same paint that was there when you moved in or you added a new coat a few years ago, it’s natural to feel like you need a change.

If you’re getting tired of looking at the same walls, make a change and revitalize your space. You can choose a new high gloss paint that suits your style at any point. The styles and colors that are considered popular do shift after a few years, too, so your home can be a revolving canvas that reflects your taste and current trends.

Selling Your Home

You can attract prospective buyers and command higher offers by making your home stand out from others on the market. Investing in a new paint job before listing your home for sale can increase its value. New high gloss paint will give your home a unique, refined look that brings out the best of its interior features. Buyers will recognize your home as one that is move-in ready — they’ll offer more knowing there is less work to do compared to others.

You can also use paint to let the potential buyer’s creativity flow. The potential buyer will be more likely to make an offer if they can envision themself living in the home. Putting neutral colors on the walls makes it easy for new owners to make a house a home. A bold color will either be an instant hit with the buyer or feel too limiting. Using a neutral finish makes it easier for the buyer to change the colors to their preferences and gives you a great return.

Tips for Repainting House Interiors With High Gloss

High gloss paint offers a luxurious look that is perfect for many popular spaces. This high-quality paint provides long-lasting durability and beautiful surfaces you and your guests will love. However, high gloss can make imperfections noticeable, and you want to choose a professional paint company that follows the correct high gloss paint process to achieve that beautiful finish.

At Shoreline High Gloss, we always prepare for painting by maintaining a safe workspace. We ensure an open space and clean surfaces for even application. Additionally, we never paint directly over high gloss and de-gloss your walls before applying a new coat.

You can make each room feel special by repainting with high gloss paint, but it’s always best to contact a professional from Shoreline High Gloss to complete these paint projects. We’ll take every precaution to deliver the results you want and ensure you love your new look.


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Repaint Your Home’s Interior With Shoreline High Gloss

Shoreline High Gloss has more than three decades of experience in the painting industry, and our professional and knowledgeable team is always prepared to complete high-quality painting jobs. We specialize in high-end gloss finishes and are a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter, highlighting our ability to deliver beautiful results. Check out our gallery to discover what we can do for you, or review our blog to learn more about high gloss in your home.