How Does High Gloss Paint Affect Mood?

While high gloss paint can bring a luxurious style to your home, it can also influence your mood. This paint with a mirror-like surface can affect how a room feels. Before you choose a high gloss paint, you must consider how this type of paint and the particular color you choose will influence the space.

At Shoreline High Gloss, we have a team of color consultants who can recommend color palettes that complement your home’s style and architectural design. We can also consider the psychology of color to determine how a particular shade will influence the atmosphere of your space.

General Things to Know

High gloss paint has a distinct reflective look that’s the opposite of matte paint. The glossy finish resembles lacquer and comes from a high resin ratio compared to pigment. This glamorous, eye-catching paint elevates a space by adding depth and drawing the eye. It can also contribute to a warm atmosphere. Light bounces off in rooms painted with high gloss paint, making them feel bigger and brighter. This effect can create a more positive and energetic space.

While the paint finish creates psychological effects, the color of a room can also influence moods. Color psychology shows evidence that colors can even reduce stress and improve sleep. Bright, warm colors stimulate energy and happiness, while cool, subdued colors create soothing atmospheres within your home.

Here is a more specific overview of high gloss paint colors and their effects on mood.

Red High Gloss Paint

Red high gloss paint creates an intense statement in a room. This energy-stimulating color works well for spaces with a lot of activity, such as recreation rooms, kitchens and living rooms. You should avoid red in places like bedrooms where you want to relax.

The effects of red high gloss paint on mood vary based on the hue. More muted shades tend to elicit love and passion, while bright hues might tend toward feelings of power.

Blue High Gloss Paint

Blue is the most soothing color, and it works well in therapeutic settings to encourage meditation and relaxation. This paint color can help you unwind, find peace and feel more comfortable expressing yourself.

Here are a few spaces where blue paint can benefit your home:

  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Spas
  • Bathrooms

Lighter blues create serene environments and can even help you sleep. The shade promotes non-threatening and soothing atmospheres.

White High Gloss Paint

The color white evokes feelings of purity, innocence and new beginnings. High gloss white paint can often create a decluttering effect through its reflective and bright appearance. White can make small spaces seem bigger. It is also reminiscent of a blank canvas and encourages creativity and a refreshed organized feeling.

This paint color can brighten basements, bathrooms, hallways or entryways with limited access to light. It works as a trim or door color to balance darker or richer shades.

White high gloss paint works in any room in your house, though you may want to choose various colors throughout your home, as too much white can create a cold and empty feeling.

Black High Gloss Paint

On the other end of the spectrum from white, black paint often exudes strength, seriousness and elegance. Black high-gloss paint can create a luxurious and powerful feeling when used in small doses.

Here are a few ways black paint can enhance a home:

  • As an accent color, black can add depth to a space without overwhelming it.
  • When contrasted with white, gold or silver, black creates a balanced and striking interior.
  • Black paint combines well with various textures and patterns to add visual interest.

You might choose black to create a luxurious dining room space or a dramatic ambiance in a living room. It also works well in bedrooms and home offices, promoting coziness or better focus.

Orange High Gloss Paint

Orange high gloss paint creates an optimistic, enthusiastic, bold statement in your home. It grabs your attention, especially with a high gloss finish. Orange can increase appetite and energy, making it an excellent choice for kitchens, playrooms, exercise, dining and living rooms.

The feelings orange paint evokes often depend on the shade. Bright orange grabs your attention, burnt orange creates associations with fire, and peach provides a more soothing feeling.

Pink High Gloss Paint

Pink often evokes a sense of calm, leading to relaxation and contentment. Pink can also elicit romantic feelings. Color psychology links this color with boosted creativity and feelings of peace and hopefulness. Consider using pink in areas like:

  • Offices
  • Nurseries
  • Bedrooms

Brighter shades like fuschia can lead to boosted energy, while softer shades promote feelings of care and quiet strength.

Turn to Shoreline High Gloss for Luxury High Gloss Painting Services

Contractor painting a wall with red high gloss paint

High gloss paints can create luxurious and energetic spaces. The colors you choose also influence the mood in a room. Shoreline High Gloss specializes in high gloss paint services as a Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painter. We’ll work with you to select high gloss paint colors that evoke particular moods while providing a high-quality look.

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