Is It Hard to Paint With High Gloss Paint?

Blue high gloss walls and furniture

When you want to refresh a space, paint offers some of the most transformative results possible. You can add a luxurious and distinctive appearance to any interior using paint with a high gloss finish. Learn how the high-end painters at Shoreline High Gloss achieve this beautiful and well-favored aesthetic in one room or your whole home.

Is High Gloss Paint Difficult to Use?

High gloss paint is a specialty finish with a complex application process. Creating a shiny, almost mirror-like surface requires exceptional attention to detail and skill. Because this paint is the hardest to work with, it’s best to hire high-end painting experts to create the desired results.

The team at Shoreline High Gloss can bring your vision to life. We offer ways to deliver a cohesive look or create eye-catching accent walls. We have the knowledge and experience to paint walls, ceilings, trim, molding and cabinetry.

A glamorous and glass-like effect can elevate any room with added depth and character. Plus, high gloss paint is the most effortless paint finish to maintain. It offers durable performance in high-traffic areas so you can enjoy the results for years to come.

What to Know About Painting With High Gloss Paint

If you’re wondering how to paint with high gloss paint, here are a few considerations.

1. The Wall’s Surface Must Be Perfect

Any minor to significant imperfections will show in a glossy finish. The surface must be smooth and flawless before paint can be applied.

Achieving a Level 5 finish on sheetrock walls is recommended before priming them. A Level 5 finish creates a high-end look for homes ranging from classic to modern styles. The wall texture feels the most luxurious and refined of all the options you can choose.

Creating this finish requires additional labor and skill. The professionals at Shoreline High Gloss apply extra skims and pay attention to the floating drywall to ensure every wall creates a well-balanced, even appearance.

2. Primer Is Essential

Close-up view of walls painted with blue high-gloss paint

Before applying a glossy finish to your walls, ceiling, trim or cabinetry, the surface will need priming. The primer provides a smooth and clean area for the paint to adhere to. This preparation seals the surface and works like glue or a sealant.

To make a glossy paint stick to a surface, the area may need additional light sanding or scuffing beforehand. A textured surface allows the primer and paint to adhere correctly. By ensuring the paint sticks properly, priming can produce the most aesthetically pleasing results.

The experienced team at Shoreline High Gloss uses the proper primer to cover, seal and prepare your surface for painting. We complete projects neatly and quickly, so you can enjoy your refreshed space as soon as possible.

3. High Gloss Works Best in Rooms With High Moisture

Glossy paints offer better resistance to moisture than paints with less sheen. The gloss maintains its bright and reflective finish, even in bathrooms where steam results in condensation. For this reason, glossy paint is an ideal choice in other areas, like the kitchen where you have steam rising or sauces splashing while cooking.

High gloss paint also works well in high-traffic areas such as entryways. These spaces may receive exposure to moisture and dirt. The glossy surface cleans with a microfiber cloth and water or a few drops of dish soap if needed, making it easy to maintain the luxurious appearance over time.

4. Multiple Thin Topcoats Are Required

Before applying glossy paint, consider the level of humidity in a room. More moisture in the air means additional coats of paint are required. For this reason, bathrooms and kitchens will need the most coats to create a rich sheen with a lacquer-like, low-maintenance finish.

Brushstrokes tend to show more visibly on a high gloss shine. This paint also takes longer to dry, so you must wait an appropriate amount of time before adding another coat. The experts at Shoreline High Gloss can produce a smooth, seamless appearance when applying coats of glossy paint.

Explore Our High Gloss Paint Services Today

Shoreline High Gloss makes it easy to show off your desired style. As Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painters, we have the knowledge and experience to provide specialty painting services in New York City and Palm Beach.

Give your space a distinct look with the finest Dutch paints found across the globe. The formulas include top-quality resins with high concentrations of pigments. Our impressive selection is naturally odorless and contains low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to promote greater safety in your home.

To get started, request a professional consultation today. Our team can answer your questions and discuss ways to transform your home with high gloss paint.

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